Meaghan Rath Discusses Vampires, Ghostly Stunts and Spider-Man

Meaghan Rath materializes beautifully
on the Syfy Upfront red carpet.
(Image © 2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Can you imagine having a vampire and werewolf as roommates? While you ponder that, also imagine that you are a ghost who can only be seen by them and select people. That’s the scenario for Sally, the nearly invisible cast member of Syfy’s remake of the popular BBC series Being Human. Meaghan Rath plays the (literally) spirited character in the Boston apartment housing this supernatural trio, and she has been happy to use her acting skills in many new ways on this unusual show. The American incarnation of Being Human has also found its footing and been renewed for a second season, expanding upon its parent series with new storylines added into the mix.

During last week’s Syfy Upfront in NYC (which included a performance of the Spider-Man musical), Rath chatted with A.D.D. (audio below) about playing ghosts and vampires, her interest in Spider-Man and her favorite moment thus far on Being Human, which appears in the episode tonight!

Meaghan Rath — A.D.D. Interview


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