Azita Ghanizada on “Alphas,” Her Spider-Man Crush and Being An Afghan-American Role Model

Azita Ghanizada enjoying her chat with A.D.D.
on the Syfy Upfront red carpet.
(Image © 2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Alluring Afghan-American actress Azita Ghanizada will be starring opposite Malik Yorba in Alphas, an original television series premiering this summer on Syfy. On the show she will be one of five human beings who have super-enhanced mental and physical capabilities due to brain anomalies. Ghanizada’s character can intensify all of her senses beyond normal limits, and she uses them to help her team — a group of other unusually powered humans lead by Dr. Lee Rosen (David Strathairn) — solve crimes for different government agencies.

A.D.D. spoke with Ghanizada about the show, its cast, her time on General Hospital: Night Shift, being a role model for young Afghan-American women and her chance meeting with Broadway’s Spider-Man, Reeve Carney.

Azita Ghanizada — A.D.D. interview


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