The Walking Dead Shambled Over My Mail

Is this what it would be like having a zombie mailman?
(Photo © 2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

It’s hard to get the media’s attention these days, especially as it seems like every trick in the promotional handbook has been tried. So when a package shows up in my mailbox with a giant, blood red footprint on it, I take notice. While the envelope was not any more worn or ragged than anything else I receive in the mail, the idea of sending something out that looked defiled was a great idea. I should have not been surprised when I opened it up and found the first season of The Walking Dead on DVD awaiting me. Kudos to Tim Williams from Sue Procko PR for dreaming up this campaign.

Upon getting this large enevlope, my mind flashed back to a package I received from Relapse Records back in the late Nineties, probably around 1997. The bold metal label had sent out some of their noise/experimental music releases at the time, and one of the wrapped CDs came covered in sticky fake blood. It was a funny idea, although some of that gunk, which evidently had not fully dried, stained my comforter and never got out in the wash. That kind of pissed me off. (But hey, I never forgot it. Just don’t do it again.)

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  1. Rob Rockitt

    You are a lucky man! That is one killer series! I love The Walking Dead! What a cool idea! Love the bloody footprint!

  2. Jacob

    That’s hilarious. I should start doing something like that! Also, if you get tired of that DVD set, feel free to send it my way!!


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