Digital Playlist: MilitiA

Who: MilitiA, frontwoman for Judas Priestess and Swear On Your Life.
What: The top five songs rocking her iPod.
Where: New York City.
Latest Release: Swear On Your Life appears on the recent Black Rock Coalition compilation album Rock ‘N’ Roll Reparations, Vol. 2.

Judas Priestess frontwoman MilitiA:
Metal scream queen.

1. GOJIRA “Yama’s Messengers” — “Skull-crushing riffs. Tight-knit layers of heavy noise, machine gun double bass drums, edgy grooves and growls that make Gojira “monsterous”. I hear this song and I wanna smash something — in a good way. More often than not, it tends to be my primping music before I go out…so not kidding.”

2. TYPE O NEGATIVE “Haunted” — “I love the mix of melodic doom metal with Gothic romanticism. This song is so epic to me and probably incredibly depressing to the average listener, which makes me love it even more. It’s such an elegant and majestic dirge of a song. What can I say, I have an affection for moody music. Peter Steele had one of the most entrancing voices I’ve ever heard. I’m very lucky to have gotten the pleasure of speaking with him several times before he passed. He was very cool and had a great sense of humor. R.I.P., Peter.”

3. JUDAS PRIEST “Here Come the Tears” — “An extremely underrated Priest song. [Rob] Halford really explores his vocal range on this one. He flexes his gorgeous lower register that he is not often recognized for. Lyrically, it’s simple yet powerful. There is an electric guitar solo in this song that is so emotive, I’m in awe of its brilliance every time I hear it. They give you a little acoustic guitar in this one, as well as a taste of piano; I’m a sucker for most music with piano in it because that was my first instrument. I’m currently working on performing this song with Judas Priestess. I can’t wait to perform it live.”

4. ALICE IN CHAINS “Sunshine” — “I always have a steady diet of Alice In Chains in my life. I don’t think I go more than a week without hearing something of theirs on my iPod. When I burn out on a handful of songs, I put ’em down and whip out other ones. I guess “Sunshine” would be considered a deep cut from the AIC song bank, and it’s just the flavor of the moment for me right now, along with “It Ain’t Like That,” one of my all-time faves. I love these songs in particular because they give me everything I crave about AIC: bluesy hard rock with some country twang accents and exhilarating harmonies, all under a veil of melancholy. Alice In Chains is probably my favorite band of all time. Not because I think that everything they do is perfect. It’s because they have a very raw, humanistic quality about them, along with a unique musical beauty. I love all the parts that make up the whole: Layne and Jerry’s dynamic, like a one-two punch; the thick rhythm and grooves; the band’s backstory — their humble beginnings, their rise and fall and rise again from the ashes and their ability to stay relevant and survive amongst a dying breed.”

Ready to pound you into submission.

5. DEFTONES “You’ve Seen the Butcher” — “You can’t beat the musical textures and intense grooves that Deftones lay out for you to enjoy. Chino’s voice and lyrics are the icing on the cake. In a word, this song is captivating. The whole album, Diamond Eyes, is mouthwatering — and by mouthwatering, I mean it’s intensely sexy. It makes you wanna fight and fuck. The title track, “CMND/CTRL,” “Rocket Skates” and the bonus track “Ghosts” are also killers. It’s hard to pick just one.”

MILITIA’S HONORABLE MENTIONS: Two new albums she loves

TRES MTS. Three Mountains — Straight-up, feel good, ass-kickin, bluesy rock ‘n roll. It’s the side project of 2 of my homies: the incomparable dUg Pinnick (King’s X) and beatmaster Richard Steverud (The Fastbacks). Jeff Ament (Pearl Jam) completes the official lineup bringing killer bass. I got the pleasure of witnessing this beast of a band live recently at the Gramercy Theater NYC. Mike McCready is touring with them and played on the record. I would have to say that, hands down, he is one of the best guitarists I’ve ever seen live. If Tres Mts. ever tour again and are in your area, go see them. You’ll be high from the experience for days after…

AMON AMARTH Surtur Rising — Holy shit. I love viking metal. This album is equally as tough and triumphant as their previous ones. Not only is the artwork badass — this is perhaps the best album cover of theirs yet — but the production is phenomenal. I gotta give it to ’em for consistency: they know who they are, they’ve found their niche, it is solid and I always find it strangely erotic. This is what the soundtrack to a swordfight with a warlord sounds like. World of Warcraft, anyone? I’ll wear the chain-mail.

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