Serj Tankian & Steven Sater: Between A Rock And A Mosh Pit

Steven Sater, Diane Paulus and Serj Tankian (L to R)
at the Prometheus Bound premiere.
(Photo © 2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

At the beginning of March, I journeyed to Boston for a 35-minute in-person interview with composer Serj Tankian and playwright/lyricist Steven Sater to discuss their fantastic rock musical Prometheus Bound. It is an insurgent modern updating of the Ancient Greek tragedy which ran at the American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts until April 2 and which will hopefully make its way to New York in the near future. I was also fortunate enough, with their permission, to record our dialogue on video for Stage Directions, the magazine I was covering them for.

The two clips below include my introduction to the video (which takes a few seconds to load) as well as part one of our in-depth interview. At the end of each clip a link appears to go to the next part, and you also can find them all neatly arranged on the Stage Directions website. To check out the print magazine cover story version, “Between A Rock And A Mosh Pit”, click here.

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