I Lost My Heart To A Redheaded Stormtrooper

An armed and dangerous
Empire siren.
(Photo courtesy of Gentle Giant Ltd.)

It’s funny how some of us can watch the Star Wars trilogies more than once and always make a basic if erroneous assumption; that all stormtroopers are male. Whether or not that is true, the folks at Gentle Giant have a toy to steal the hearts of young men who love women that wear armor and tote guns.

At a faraway first glance this denizen of the Empire looks a tad like Princess Leia, but once you check out the close up it is obvious that this brave, bold beauty, with purplish-red hair and icy blues eyes, is distinctly different. And she’s not just someone who was created for this piece but who is already part of the large Star Wars universe that extends far beyond the movies.

According to a Gentle Giant press release, this figure is of Jes Gistang, the female Corellian “who served as a Stormtrooper in the Imperial Galactic Army and was the heavy artillery expert” in the Joker Squad stormtrooper team that first emerged in the Star Wars: Legacy comic book series published by Dark Horse. “She quickly found a home among the 407th, and was a talented and responsible soldier. Standing at a bold 1/6th scale and roughly 12” tall, this rarely seen but often asked for character from the vast expanded Star Wars universe is one to watch. Boasting form fitting, custom armor, helmet at her side and heavy DLT-19 Blaster rifle ready; Jes is looking for action.”

Jes Gistang up close.
(Photo courtesy of Gentle Giant Ltd.)

Don’t misinterpret that last bit, boys, because she looks she will kick your butt if you get fresh. Just sayin’.

The hand painted, hand numbered, limited edition 12″ statue of Jes Gistang will be released in Fall 2011 and retail for $225.

Now I just need to figure out how to alter the lyrics to that vintage Sarah Brightman disco anthem to pay homage to Ms. Gistang…

…okay, I’m not that much of a geek. (Am I?)

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  1. renata gatti

    Well… when I was little… I thought all stormtroopers were droids!!!! 😛


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