A.D.D. Podcast #3: Metal & jazz guitarist Alex Skolnick

“I think after four albums it’s finally
being accepted: ‘He’s not going to stop.
He wasn’t kidding.'”

The Alex Skolnick Trio live. Headbanging optional.
(Photo credit: Tom Couture.)

While many rock guitarists fall into a comfortable niche, Alex Skolnick has been expanding his horizons throughout the last decade. Known originally for his agile axe playing in legendary San Francisco thrash metal band Testament, he departed that group in the mid-Nineties to play with Savatage and then a series of instrumental groups that explored the funk and jazz realms. By the early ’00s he was devoted to the jazzy Alex Skolnick Trio, which has become known both for original material and instrumental covers of classic hard rock and metal songs. Since the mid-’00s, the guitarist has balanced his time between the Trio and Testament, whose reunion of its classic line-up has experienced a healthy resurgence. While some metal fans are scratching their heads over Skolnick’s dual musical life, it makes sense given that both of the genres he loves to explore emphasize chops and require that its purveyors push themselves musically. They are a natural fit for him.

A.D.D. Podcast #3: Metal & jazz guitarist Alex Skolnick

Around the release of the fourth and newest Alex Skolnick Trio album Veritas, A.D.D. spoke with Skolnick about the new Trio album, expanding the boundaries for metal guitarists, what he thinks of musicianship in current rock music and touring with international guitar sensations Rodrigo y Gabriela.

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