A.D.D. Podcast #4: Sci-fi author Sven Davison

“I wanted to show what type of personality
has the indomitable human spirit that, no matter
how much you try to crush it, that true spirit comes out.”

Author Sven Davison and the cover of State Of Mind.
No humans were P-Chip implanted in the making of the book cover.
(Images courtesy of the author.)

Is a world where man merges with machine a desirable utopia or a dystopian nightmare? That’s a question that many sci-fi and cyberpunk authors have contemplated over the decades, but as this union seems to be rapidly hurling towards reality, it carries more resonance now than ever. In his second book State Of Mind, author Sven Davison tackles this concept through a dramatic action thriller in which a formerly disgraced LAPD officer gets a renewed shot at glory when he is transformed into a federal agent with a P-Chip implanted in his brain. The P-Chip offers agent Jake Travissi the amazing ability to regulate his body functions, communicate psychically with fellow P-Chip recipients and access computer data and process information at breakneck speeds. But as he soon discovers, his mind can also be hacked into, with his actions manipulated and his memories altered, and that’s when his problems really begin.

State Of Mind is a tense, thoughtful and well-paced sci-fi tale drawn from Davison’s life, imagination and his experiences with technological innovation during his decade-long tenure as VP of Worldwide Product Development and Production at Fox Home Entertainment.

A.D.D. Podcast #4: Sci-fi author Sven Davison

I spoke recently with Davison from his home in Los Angeles about State Of Mind‘s inception and development, his opinion about the burgeoning Singularity movement as well as his thoughts on technology and our potential cyborg future.

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