A.D.D. Podcast #5: Israeli pop star & Blackfield member Aviv Geffen

“I think we know what we’re headed to.
The album is going to vanish soon,
and Blackfield is the last warrior in this thing.”

Steven Wilson (left) and Aviv Geffen performing live in 2005.
(Photo credit: Alex Harden.)

How do an Israeli pop star and a moody progressive musician become friends and cultivate a harmonious musical relationship? It’s simply that old yin/yang attraction, as singer-songwriter Aviv Geffen explains in his exclusive podcast interview with A.D.D.

For those of you who have yet to hear Blackfield, their moody art-rock focuses on infectious, emotive three and four minute songs that consciously shirk the epic tendencies of Geffen’s sonic co-conspirator, Steven Wilson, the frontman/founder of Porcupine Tree. Wilson brings out the moodiness and a little heaviness in Geffen, while Geffen brings out the pop songsmith in Wilson. They even have vocal styles that are not dissimilar and which weave together nicely. Even though the music ultimately does not pander to commercial sensibilities, it is radio-friendly, but given how corporate mainstream radio is today, you’re unlikely to hear it there. Which is probably why you’re checking it out here.

Calling from backstage in Belgium, Geffen waxed eloquent on a variety of topics, including his personal history, the evolution of Blackfield and their third and latest release Welcome To My DNA, his chemistry with his longtime cohort and how he has been speaking out about political issues in Israel. Geffen’s boldness and passion have attracted many high-profile followers, including Michael Stipe and Bono, and his dual musical life has taken him on a lot of adventures.

A.D.D. Podcast #5: Israeli pop star / Blackfield member Aviv Geffen

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