A Sinfully Delicious True Blood Cocktail

The yummy True Blood cocktail you once could get at Avenue A Sushi in NYC.
The mix list is below so we can attempt to recreate it!
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

HBO’s True Blood has certainly inspired a devoted following since its inception, with 5.4 million fans watching the season three finale and a total of 12.1 million fans watching last season. And the show has certainly spawned its fair share of merchandise, including t-shirts, handbags, mugs and drinking glasses, comic books, toys, posters, jewelry and a blood orange-colored soft drink.

My favorite show-related discovery has been a True Blood cocktail that you could get at the bar at Avenue A Sushi at 103 Avenue A (between 6th and 7th streets) in Manhattan. I say could because the 30 year-old restaurant and bar recently closed and was transformed into a Mexican-Italian cafe with some sushi. So perhaps there is the old ghost of the original spot still lingering, but the cuisine has changed quite a bit. It seems like yet another nail in the coffin of great NYC places doubtlessly affected by the economy. (My four favorite Italian restaurants in NYC all closed in the mid-’00s.)

Luckily I was able to sample this delicious True Blood drink, and wisely, photographed the ingredients on the drink menu, which you can read below:

The ingredients in Avenue A Sushi's True Blood cocktail.

My hats are off to the two young ladies who reportedly came up with this. I wish I knew their names and if they are bartending elsewhere now. (Anyone?)

It turns out that in the last couple of years other bartenders have come up with their own vampiric liquid delights, such as at the Dutch Kills bar in Queens. Many more creations are available online as well. Just Google “Tru Blood” or “True Blood” plus “cocktails” to see what pops up.

I have not tried those other drinks, but this cherry-flavored cocktail in NYC was delicious, and I plan to try my hand at mixing my own version soon. I think Sookie and Bill would approve. Someone remarked to me that they think it tastes like cough syrup. Not quite, but I wish more medicine tasted like this!

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