A.D.D. Podcast #6: Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann

“As soon as we come off the road, we’re going to attack it full force and write some new stuff as fast as we can.”

Wolf Hoffmann pumping up the audience at a recent show in Belarus.
(Photo credit: Franz Mercury Photography.)

Restless and Wild. Balls To The Wall. Metal Heart. Objection Overruled. These are some of the metal masterpieces that German headbangers Accept have unleashed upon the world. Throughout their 35-year career, they have helped influence the world of thrash metal, addressed social and political issues and generated a unique brand of intense, potent heavy metal that is fierce, passionate and in your face. When you hear those growling vocals, majestic guitars and ominous chants, you know who it is. Their latest album, Blood Of The Nations, makes an excellent addition to their canon. It is their first new studio album in 14 years and the first with new singer/lyricist Mark Tornillo, formerly of T.T. Quick, who brings his own personality to their music while blending in seamlessly.

A.D.D. Podcast #6: Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann


At the end of their recent North American tour, Hoffmann spoke with A.D.D. about the band’s new music, line-up and tour along with his photography, Classical album, how things have changed for the group and his thoughts about their future. He made for a spirited interview.

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Accept music courtesy of the band and Nuclear Blast Records.

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  1. eddie speer

    I was fortunate enough to meet Accept in West Springfield, Va. They are the most top notch band I’ve ever encountered. Very friendly and to the point. In my book, they’re my favorite, have been,and always will be in my list of metal bands. Keep rockin’ guys, and thanks for your huge influence in my life through the words of your music


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