“Killer Klowns” To Return In 3D

Killer Klowns: They're certainly colorful enough for 3D.

One of the wildest, weirdest cult flicks I have ever seen is Killer Klowns From Outer Space. A trippy tale about alien clowns that invade a small town and imaginatively kill their prey with killer popcorn and pies, ray guns that generate cotton candy cocoons, not to mention killer shadow puppets and bloodhound balloon animals, is delightfully bizarre and has always stayed with me. Then I recently read through the Live For Films site that a 3D sequel was in the works, and I wasn’t sure what to think. Their source for the info was an interview with original star Grant Cramer on the Freddy In Space site.

According to Cramer, he will be producing and reprising his role as Mike Tobacco. He also worked on the story with the original creative team of the Chiodo Brothers and wrote the screenplay. The original Chiodo team will be back, with Stephen directing, Ed producing and Charlie “bringing all his wonderful creative genius as he always does.” While the actor remains tight-lipped about the narrative direction of the sequel, his character will mentor two new heroes who must stave off a new Killer Klown menace. And yes, a new batch of Klowns is coming. Funding is in place for the film, but a distribution deal needs to be worked out. There is no plan to bring The Dickies back to do a new title song or composer John Massari for a new score. (Incidentally, Massari has done sound design for Lady Gaga. Go figure.)

And when asked about the 3D aspect of the sequel by Freddy In Space, Cramer replied: “I’m not a fan of 3D for its own sake, but I do think it’s amazing when it’s used in the right movie, and I can’t think of a better movie for 3D than Killer Klowns. We really want to have the feel of the original 3D movies too, so yes, the popcorn will shoot right out at us and so will the cotton candy and all sorts of other fun stuff. We definitely won’t be like Avatar where all the 3D is going on in the background. That’s fine for some movies but not KK’s! We want to be right in your face!”

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I’m not sure if a Killer Klowns sequel is such a grand idea, but who knows, such a psychedelic scenario might play well in 3D. There certainly has been nothing like the original. The real trick will be to come up with cool new Klowns and inventive ways to kill people.

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