Digital Playlist: Mick Box

Who: Mick Box, guitarist and founding member of Uriah Heep.
What: The top five songs rocking his iPod.
Where: England.
Latest Release: Uriah Heep’s Into The Wild.

Mick Box: Very 'eavy,
very 'umble, very classic.
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1. NEIL YOUNG “Harvest” — “I just love it. It’s just the whole feeling that comes through to you. The intro thing, just acoustic guitar and voice. He’s got such a pleasing voice, I love it.”

2. JOE BONAMASSA “Dust Bowl” — “I heard it on the radio and just went out and bought the CD because I thought it sounded really cool. He’s got a bit of a Duane Eddy guitar thing there, which I quite like.”

3. JEFF BECK “Rock My Plimsoul” — “I have that one on quite often. It’s something that I used to play years ago, before he even did it. When he did it, he blew me away.”

4. THE TEA PARTY “Sister Awake” — “They sound fabulous. When they first came out, the comparisons were a cross between The Doors and Led Zeppelin, and that was the vibe. The singer came up with a great quote, because he plays guitar and sings, that he plays better guitar than Jim Morrison. I can understand the comparisons initially, then they just grew and developed their own thing so well. The fact is that for a three-piece, what they have on record is immense. I didn’t think they would ever be able to pull it off. I saw them in a club in Sydney, Australia when I was living out there, and I was just blown away by them. For a three-piece, my God, it was big.”

5. JOE WALSH “Rocky Mountain Way” — “The guitar is just immense on it, it’s fantastic. It’s real, not processed; you know it was going through an amp and just played live. His voice is fabulous. He’s one of these players that seems like he can do it all effortlessly.”

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