Thor As Frog

So what happens if he gets struck by lightning
or zapped by a laser blast? Just wondering.
(Image courtesy of Gentle Giant Ltd.)

I clearly have not kept up with the Pet Avengers, or these photos of the forthcoming Throg (aka Thor Frog) statuette would not have surprised and amused me so. As a member of the aforementioned animal superhero team, he wields the Frogjolnir Hammer. Seriously. (You can learn more about his origin through the link above.)

I suppose anything that helps pull younger readers into comics is a good thing. (I suppose.) Throg conjures childhood memories of characters like Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon (who returned recently in the Annihilators mini-series) and DC’s Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew (who were revived in 2005). And while I probably won’t be delving into the Pet Avengers anytime soon, this is a cool mini-bust. The 4.5-inch high, limited edition piece — hand painted and cast in “high quality poly-stone” — is slated for a January 2012 release and will retail for $45.

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  1. Mina

    Glad to see my ethnic origin and history become comic books and frogs to entertain the fine cultural masses.. Whatever amuses you all.


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