Eight Awesome Anthems of Empowerment and Independence

Heavy metal and hard rock has always attracted me because of the sense of power and empowerment that I get from the music, even many of the darker tunes. There is a cathartic intensity to heavy rock that I continue to relish and revel in to this day. To help celebrate Independence Day in America this year, I am offering eight anthems that I feel embody the power of freedom, the positivity of change and the exuberance of living. Happy July 4th to my American followers! (And continued wishes for independence and freedom to my readers the world over.)

ACCEPT “I’m A Rebel” — You may not fit in, you may be laughed at and misunderstood, but you are free to be yourself and not be viewed as an outcast or a menace. The rest of the world be damned.

BRUCE DICKINSON “Tattooed Millionaire” — This 1990 cut from the Iron Maiden frontman is a defiant snub at the decadent, empty-headed Sunset Strip scene of its day. It is also a proclamation of individuality in the face of conformity.

DORO “I Am What I Am” — You just know who you are and do not need anyone else to tell you where to go or what to do. Ignore the unbelievers and live how you are and how you want.

GAMMA RAY “Heaven Can Wait” — The world may be full of trouble and despair, but there is always a chance and a way to make it a better place.

HELLOWEEN “Wake Up The Mountain” — The world can often seem like a dark, ignorant place, but with each new individual seeking to change and make change, a revolution can start and collective vision widened.

JUDAS PRIEST “Heading Out To The Highway” — When you strike out on your own, you’re taking a chance. Sometimes you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

QUEENSRYCHE “Best I Can” — From tragedy comes hope and the chance for a renewed life. This song’s protagonist seeks to regain his after being paralyzed, and the message here can be applied to many daunting circumstances.

RAINBOW “Power” — Defy the naysayers, stand firm during the tough times and do not let others try to railroad you. You have the power to persevere and move forward with your life.

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  1. Rob Rockitt

    That is a great bunch of tunes without question. Kudos for including Gamma Ray. Ralf Scheepers is such an under rated powerhouse of a singer!


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