Steve Niles Returns To “30 Days Of Night” With “Renewed Vigor”

Cover B for issue #1
of the new 30 Days Of Night series.

“I’ve been wanting to get back into the 30 Days of Night universe and shake things up for awhile now,” declares creator/writer Steve Niles. “I’ve just been waiting for the right moment and the right artist. I have the right artist in Sam Kieth, and the time is now.” Starting in October, fans of both the original series and the subsequent franchise can see the results of this new, ongoing comic collaboration, which combines Niles’ sinister storytelling with Keith’s raw visual style. Kieth was the artist on the current 30 Days of Night: Night, Again mini-series and creator of The Maxx and Zero Girl.

This latest 30 Days tale commences when, according to IDW Publishing, “a letter from Barrow, Alaska, carries a cryptic warning to a young, curious woman, leading her down a rabbit hole and face-to-face with her desires…and likely her demise. Elsewhere in Los Angeles, a vampire resurrection ignites, which could threaten the very way of life of all mankind.”

Editor Denton J. Tipton reports that after years away from the now-popular franchise, Niles has returned to its world with “renewed vigor. He has a great vision for the long game with surprises that even Steve didn’t see coming. And having Sam bring his mad genius to the project is like manna from heaven. Or, more appropriately, manna from hell.”

This new series plants a fresh new cast of characters into the 30 Days of Night universe. “Honestly, I have nightmares because of this book,” admits Tipton. “Steve and Sam are seriously deranged. I’ve read things that would make Freud blush. I’ve seen things that would make Chuck Norris vomit. Horror fans are going to love it.”

The first 32-page issue of the new 30 Days of Night series will be available in stores in October 2011. Fans should also be on the lookout for the rare Fiona Staples cover as well as vampire plush dolls. Fangtastic.

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