Don’t Piss Off Dave Grohl

Rock music and bad behavior have always been synonymous, but just because you’re rocking out in a club or theater doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk. I’ve always hated when people form mosh pits or slamdance at the most inappropriate shows or moments, and it bothers me when some artists see stuff going on right in front of them and say nothing. Sometimes you cannot control crowd behavior from the stage, but sometimes you can (like during this incident from an Iron Maiden show in Brazil where fans’ safety was at risk after the front barricade was knocked down). This week Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl stopped his band’s set during the iTunes Festival in Camden to chastise a fan for fighting and make him leave. His angry rant, loaded with F-bombs, shows he is clearly in command, and it also shows that he cares about what goes on at his shows. Some people need to be told that they are major a-holes.

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  1. brad

    I was there it was on monday and it was so fucking hilarious when he said stop fighting and dance i was so confused because i thought he told someone to leave because they were dancing and i was like WTF!! but all n all it was a great night

  2. Herman

    Ian Mackaye (of Minor Threat, Fugazi) was known to do that at shows. Ian Mackaye was also known for not taking shit from anybody.

  3. Amy

    Dave Grohl is seriously the coolest motherfucking dude on the planet.

  4. seo essen

    That was pretty embarrassing for the guy in the “Stripey” shirt! lmao Good to see artists getting rid of troublemakers. Did the guy actually leave?

  5. Brian

    Way to handle that asshole, Dave. Is it just me, or did he start sounding like The Rock at about 15 seconds in? I expected him to cut a promo on him or something, call him a jabroni or something lol

  6. jim

    Dave Grohl: he eats Chuck Norris for breakfast & craps out Clint Eastwood before lunch.

  7. Freddy

    Ive always hated Dave Grohl. Get yer bucked toothed ass on that drum kit bitch and keep yer mouth shut! Foo Fighters suck sooo bad!

  8. Austin

    I’ve seen that many times at concerts, but I’ve also seen it overlooked many more. It’s ridiculous when you pay money to go to a show and you have a bunch of retards who think they are entitled to being the king shit of the show starting pits right at the front of the show. I’m not one to outcast a mosh pit, but for fuck sake do it towards the back since you’re not paying attention to the fucking band anyway. As for Freddy, he’s likely the douchebag guy that shows up to a show and spits in the face of kids enjoying their first concert experience.

  9. Benny

    Billy Corgan used to break up moshpits at Pumpkins shows in the ’90s, but of course he just got called self-righteous and a whiner. Nevermind that Limp Bizkit was encouraging them, and a girl actually died at one of their shows because of it. I guess there are certain people the public just can’t respect, even if they are like 200% more talented than any of their contemporaries, and invent styles and sounds that people rip off for the following 20 years or more.

  10. Justin

    If I got called an A-Hole by Dave Grohl, I would sure feel like well… A-Hole.

  11. Sarah

    I have loved Dave since I hit puberty the foo fighters have been my favorite band of all time. And now I know exactly why.


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