A New Milestone: Our First 10,000 Visit Day

I know that for major media outlets like AOL or CNN having 10,000 visits in one day is nothing (that’s like one small post for them), but for an independent site that does not advertise anywhere and simply relies on social media, e-mail subscriptions and Google searches to draw in traffic, it’s pretty damn impressive. And this past Thursday was the day we broke through this new ceiling. I really have to thank Dave Grohl for his awesome concert rant earlier this week (my post about it is the fastest growing and one of the largest ever on A.D.D.; it’s still pulling in good traffic) as well as my friends / bloggers Pat Ogle (he is a StumbleUpon god) and George Pacheco (a fellow tweet peep) for helping promote it through their channels. It’s nice to know that this site is still expanding and kicking ass two years into its existence.

Look for A.D.D.’s major, more user friendly redesign to launch in early August!

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  1. Gail

    Congrats Bryan. Now you owe Dave Grohl a beer… I will be happy to deliver it to him for you. 🙂

  2. moleboy

    See, you totally cheat, though. You go and do this thing where you generate original content. Whats up with THAT???


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