Steve Niles and Bernie Wrightson Are Building A New “Frankenstein”

Today at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, IDW Publishing announced that modern comics auteur Steve Niles and classic comics artist Bernie Wrightson have formed a spookerific team to create Frankenstein Alive, Alive, a 13-issue series that commences right after Mary Shelley’s classic tale ends.

“This is an idea that’s been rattling around somewhere in the back of my mind for a good many years,” said Wrightson. “I mentioned it to Steve, and we started talking. In about two minutes I realized that not only were we on the same page, we shared a vision. I’m very excited to see this finally happening. It’s going to be lot of fun.”

Wrightson is a lifelong Frankenstein fan whose portrayals of the creature have garnered tremendous praise for over the last 25 years. Now he and Niles get to create the next chapter in its life and also tell the tale through Frankenstein’s perspective.

(Interior art courtesy of IDW Publishing.)

“The fact that I grew up worshipping Wrightson’s Frankenstein, and now I’m working on a sequel with him, is mind-blowing,” said Niles. “This is the project of a lifetime for me.”
 The two comics legends teamed up in the recent past for the Dead, She Said series, a sinister zombie noir tale with a mischievous sense of humor.

It sounds like Frankenstein Alive, Alive will be a deliciously dark treat for fans of the artists and their subject. The first 32-page color issue arrives in stores next year.

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