Eight Songs To Melt To

We have experienced an intense heat wave throughout North America this summer, and it does not seem like we have felt the last of it. Thus, in a fit of dark amusement, I conjured up this list of songs invoking fire and heat (physical or emotional). We have to find some way to enjoy the burn!

BLUE OYSTER CULT “Burnin’ For You” — Burn down the day and the night and you’ll soon need some respite.

BILLY IDOL “Hot In The City” — I actually think people act stranger in hot weather, but that’s my opinion.

IRON MAIDEN “Flight Of Icarus” — We know what happens when you fly too close to the sun, metaphorically speaking. These days it feels like the sun is closer than ever. No need to fly as high to become barbecue.

WALL OF VOODOO “Ring Of Fire” — The electronic pulses driving this cover of the Johnny Cash tune are hypnotic and make you feel like you’re hallucinating in a heat wave. Love can do that to you.

METALLICA “Jump In The Fire” — Someone naughty wants to you to take a nice trip to a very warm place…forever.

THE JAM “(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave” — The title of this cover song speaks for itself.

THE CRAZY WORLD OF ARTHUR BROWN “Fire” — (Hello, Alice Cooper’s dad!) Anyway, time to burn down the barriers enslaving your little mind…

ICON “Hot Desert Night” — Love and lust can make a sweltering summer night a little warmer.

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