David J Seeking To Stage “The Chanteuse and the Devil’s Muse”

Former Bauhaus and Love and Rockets bassist David J did so well financing his forthcoming solo album Not Long For This World through Kickstarter that he is using the site to fund his next project, The Chanteuse and the Devil’s Muse, an original play with music about the notorious Black Dahlia murder. In order to get things moving forward, he needs to meet the goal of raising $5,000 by Monday, August 8th at 5:40 PM EST. As of Saturday morning, he has raised over $3,200 from 55 backers. Click here to learn more about donating.

Written and directed by David J and featuring music by David J and Ego Plum, the show is planned to run every Thursday through Saturday between September 8th and October 1st at LA’s Bootleg Theater, a 1930s warehouse converted into a performance space for theater, music, dance and film. According to David J’s Kickstarter page for The Chanteuse and the Devil’s Muse, “the production will feature a rotating cast culled from the bleeding edge of contemporary theatre in Los Angeles as well as live music performed by Ego Plum (Ebola Music Orchestra), Ysanne Spevack (Smashing Pumpkins, etc.) and myself. It will also feature the extraordinary, internationally acclaimed Butoh performer, Vangeline.” One additional one-off performance will occur at the Million Dollar Theater in Downtown LA on November 12th. For more information on The Chanteuse and the Devil’s Muse, watch the video clip below.

David J’s Not Long For This World arrives on October 18th.

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