A.D.D. Podcast #8: Legendary cartoonist Sergio Aragonés

“I am not an artist that writes.
I am a writer that draws.
It’s a big difference.”

Sergio Aragonés enjoying
WonderCon 2010.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Multiple award-winning Sergio Aragonés is one of the most distinct and talented cartoonists on the plane, and his work is indelibly linked to the comics community. He has drawn panel gags for MAD Magazine for nearly 50 years, created comic books for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Pacific Comics and many other companies — as well as parodied many iconic characters — and even written more dramatic stories in his earlier years with DC. You may have seen his floating head on Futurama once or twice, and he has also acted and created animated pieces for various TV shows. And many comic book fans revere his comical, Conan-like character Groo The Wanderer.

Aragonés’ latest project is Sergio Aragonés Funnies through Bongo Comics, which has released two issues since July. It is a collection of stories and panel gags, many of which are inspired by his life. It is his second endeavor with Bongo; the first being his recent work on their long-running Simpsons series.

If you want proof that talent and hard pay off, Sergio Aragonés is it. The man seems to never stop drawing.

A.D.D. Podcast #8: Cartoonist Sergio Aragonés


Prior to the release of Sergio Aragonés Funnies #1 in July, I spoke with the famed cartoonist about a variety of topics: the upcoming Groo Vs. Conan crossover, his long-time association with writer Mark Evanier, his views on digital comics and creators’ rights, his formative years and much more.

The 63-minute conversation is edited down from a conversation spanning over 90 minutes, and Mr. Aragones is fun to listen to throughout. If you notice tapping sounds beneath the interview, please note that there is nothing wrong with the recording. Sergio was drawing samurais during our discussion.

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