Marc Maron Discusses The Pitfalls Of Working With Show Cats

Marc Maron: Considering a cat wrangling career on the side.
And perhaps a guest spot on Allen Gregory. If they can handle him.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

During a post-screening discussion about the making of his autobiographical comedy pilot Maron at the opening night of the 2011 New York Television Festival, comedian/WTF podcaster Marc Maron, along with producer Jim Serpico, discussed the low budget nature of the production. Serpico said that the crew worked for no money upfront, which prompted the star to revisit some special behind the scenes moments.

“I had to make Ed Asner coffee on that set,” recalled Maron. “He was just sitting there in the living room waiting for something to be set up, and I said, ‘Do you want coffee?’ He goes [in gruff voice], ‘Are you going to make me coffee?’ I said, ‘Yes, Ed, I’ll make you coffee.’ ‘All right, I’ll have coffee.’ It was a great moment. There were a lot of great moments there.”

Maron loves his cats, but
show cats drive him bonkers.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Another memorable experience was working with show cats. “Those were not my real cats. That was exciting,” quipped Maron. “Look, I didn’t tell my [two] cats that they would be not my cats. I had locked Monkey and LaFonda in my bedroom, and they brought in actor cats. If you’re making things like movies or whatnot, here’s a little advice: Don’t fucking work with actor cats because the one thing you always have to remember is they’re cats. I don’t care how long the cat has been in show business, it’s still not going to do what you want it to do. So in that scene where I’m feeding those cats, they didn’t know where they were. That’s why they were walking away. We had to shoot that thing like twelve times because you’ve got a guy who’s a cat handler…there’s a fuckin’ racket. Get yourself a few cats and try to convince people that they’re show cats. All you’ve got to invest in is some kind of weird khaki shorts and shirt getup and show up with cats and charge whatever the fuck you want.”

“So he’s got these cats in a cage, these show cats, and it’s time for their scene,” continued Maron. “He opens that cage, and they just want to get the fuck out of there.” How did his own cats respond to the situation? “Monkey shit on my bed,” revealed the comedian. “It’s amazing. Do not underestimate the intelligence of cats. I walk into my bedroom, and he’s not only shit on my bed but directly in the center. It’s almost as if it was framed by my bed. I walk in, and I swear he was like, ‘So? How do we feel now? Was that a good choice not to use us?’ But my cats are ridiculous.”

Or perhaps they’re planning to join a show cat union.

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