A Polish Liberal’s Campaign Twist? Death Metal.

Jędrzej Wijas: Man of politics, man of metal.
(Images courtesy of Wijas' Facebook page.)

Blabbermouth recently reported that Jędrzej Wijas, a candidate for parliament in Poland and a member of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD), has unleashed an unorthodox political campaign. He allied himself with local death metal musicians to create a television ad where he portrayed the group’s stoic frontman, growling out his views. Evidently he is a genre fan and not just trying something radical to appear hip.

According to Blabbermouth, the translated lyrics say: “End of the useless talking/Enough of the stupid wars/Secular government, dignified life/Freedom is my goal/Vote wisely.”

When speaking with TVN24.pl, Wijas said, “During the election campaign, there are always spots being released where politicians are trying to show that politics is a fun, enjoyable process that is set to the political rhythm of disco music. In my spot I’m talking about serious issues that are important to me and do not sing that SLD is the best. I am trying to wake people up with this intense message.”

Whether his tactic works will remain to be seen — the spot will undoubtedly alienate him from some and endear him to others — but he deserves props for pushing the envelope. We have yet to see an American politician try anything nearly this edgy. It’s one way to rock the vote.

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