Digital Playlist: Edguy’s Tobias Sammet

Who: Tobias Sammet, frontman for Edguy.
What: The top five albums rocking his iPod.
Where: On tour across America.
Latest Release: Edguy’s Age Of The Joker.

Edguy's Tobias Sammet:
Melodic rock fiend.

1. JOURNEY Greatest Hits — “I have always loved Journey. I love the melodies, and I love Steve Perry’s way of singing. Whenever I am sitting next to the driver on a tour bus at 6 or 7 am, when the rest of the band is still asleep, I put my headphones on and listen to ‘Don’t Stop Believin” or ‘Faithfully’ and enjoy the landscape. I remember driving through Oregon on our way from Seattle to San Francisco — it was pure awesomeness, with the landscape and Journey on my headphones.”

2. MAGNUM On A Storyteller’s Night — “What a great album, great melodies and epic sounds. Magnum are a British band that used to tour the U.S. only in the early Eighties. Big melodies, somewhere in between heavier Queen, epic Meat Loaf and a bit of AOR. I just love them and listen to the band a lot when traveling. It’s very good for relaxation.”

3. DEF LEPPARD Hysteria — “Again, it’s music to dream away to. Actually, if I take a look at the bands I picked, I seem like a boring old fart, because it’s all very laid back music. But you know, I mostly grab my iPod when I am on the road. Being on the road means noise, stress, lack of sleep. It’s great to listen to music that is not too heavy when you put your headphones on, ‘cause you want your ears to have a break and not be fucked up with even more noise. Def Leppard may be considered a pop band, but who fucking cares. Hysteria contains only killers, not one filler. Unfortunately, Leppard were never too big in Germany.”

4. KISS – everything written by Paul Stanley — “No offense to Gene Simmons, there’d be no KISS without him. But I personally prefer Paul’s songs ‘cause they are a little more anthemic. As a whole, I love Creatures of the Night and Revenge ‘cause the playing on both albums is so great and pretty much all songwriters did a great job on those albums, not only Paul. Revenge may be my favorite — it’s anthemic, bluesy and so damn in your face! I also love stuff like Dressed To Kill because of the drumming. I may be the only person who loves that album. Eric Singer is my friend and a killer drummer, but I find the drumming on Dressed To Kill very special, maybe it’s also because this album sounds so organic, even the drumming of Peter Criss. I love KISS, I can’t explain why, but they’ve always been my favorite band as a kid. Many great memories are attached to my career as a KISS fan in my teenage days.”

5. IRON MAIDEN – any album — “Why? Because it’s fucking Iron Maiden! If it wasn’t for Maiden, there’d be no heavy metal! No monsters in heavy metal! No songs about Alexander the Great! No Spinal Tap! No Bad News! No Warriors Of Ghengis Khan! In the instant Iron Maiden came, heavy metal was born! Amen!”

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