Digital Playlist: Tom Morello

Who: Tom Morello, guitarist, activist and comic book author.
What: The top five songs rocking his iPod.
Where: When stopping in at New York Comic Con 2011.
Latest Release: Orchid from Dark Horse Comics.

Tom Morello wants you...
to check out his Top 5 iPod picks.
Let the music revolution begin!
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

1. KISS “Almost Human” — “That just came up on my iPod. I just love that Love Gun record, and ‘Almost Human’ is almost a deep track on it. It’s a great riff.”

2. BRIGHT EYES “Road To Joy” — “I think that Connor Oberst, who is Bright Eyes, is the best lyricist of the last ten years.”

3. YO-YO MA playing Mozart — “I have two sons under two. I play them a lot of classical music, so that’s become a big part of my listening.”

4. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN “The Promise” — “It’s the solo acoustic version, and it is haunting. It’s hard for me to believe that that guy’s not from Libertyville, Illinois [Morello’s hometown]. It really speaks to me the desperation with a glimmer of hope.”

5. JANE’S ADDICTION “Irresistible Force” — “Jane’s has been one of my favorite bands for long time, and they’re good friends. I was pleased to see that they’ve come back with an excellent track.”

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