Glenn Tipton, Film Composer?

Glenn Tipton: Soundtrack buff.
(Photo credit: Ross Halfin.)

As many rockers have gotten older and looked to the future, they have been delving into different enterprises, from tequila to comic books to acting. Some continue to stretch themselves musically, diving into jazz, classical or movie scores.

In the past, Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton has expressed his love for movie soundtracks. Given the fact that Priest is currently playing their farewell tour, A.D.D. asked the guitarist about whether he would take a shot at the film score world himself, especially given the fact that Scott Rockenfield from Queensrÿche and other metal musicians have done the same even as they remain active in rock. “I love the fact that if you write a piece of music and put it to an average piece of footage, the combined thing can be really beautiful or really stunning or really powerful,” Tipton told Attention Deficit Delirium. “It’s the combination of the visual and audio that makes that. That’s always interested me. I love people like Hans Zimmer. Some of the stuff that they do is incredible.” (Tipton particularly loves the Gladiator soundtrack.)

“One day when I’m good enough to, I wouldn’t even call it a film score, but do music for film, I’d like that opportunity. It would be really exciting for me to do. Whether that will happen or not, I’m not sure. I would certainly welcome the opportunity to do something like that as long as it were something that I liked or had respect for visually.”

When asked about the possibility of a third solo album in the works — following 1997’s Baptizm Of Fire and his collaboration with Cozy Powell and John Entwistle, Edge Of The World, unearthed from the vaults in 2006 — the legendary guitarist replied, “I have loads of ideas, but my priority at the moment is Priest and always will be. That’s what matters more to me than anything. One day I might do something. It’s good to work with other guys, other musicians, but at the moment I’m totally enthralled with what we’re doing. It means more to me than anything else.”

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