A.D.D. Podcast #9: Saxon frontman Biff Byford

“I was probably a British soldier in my life before.
I keep going back to the soldier theme.”

Biff Byford toasts his metal roots.

Key players in the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, Saxon have been a constant force in the heavy rock world since releasing their self-titled debut album in 1979. They have consistently delivered the goods on albums like Wheels Of Steel, Power and the Glory, Unleash The Beast and the new Call To Arms, which is their strongest effort in recent years and has been compared to their influential 1981 album Denim and Leather. With two of the group’s original members, singer Biff Byford and guitarist Paul Quinn, along with longtime drummer Nigel Glockler, at least 58 years old, they are still unleashing an impressive level of energy and enthusiasm.

A.D.D. conducted the following podcast interview with Byford in his hotel room in New York City at the end of the band’s recent North American tour in October. Our half-hour chat spanned many topics, including the singer’s passion for historical reading, his quest to get heavy metal recognized as an official religion in England, the group’s enduring popularity in Texas, their plans for an orchestral performance next year in Warsaw and how a British TV program helped give them a boost in Europe.

A.D.D. Podcast #9: Saxon frontman Biff Byford


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