Nickelback Lampoon Their Own Controversy

Over 50,000 Detroit football fans have been in an uproar over Nickelback playing the halftime show of the Lions Vs. Packers game on Thanksgiving, and they have signed an online petition proclaiming their dislike for the multi-platinum selling Vancouver rock quartet representing their city. But rather than fight fire with fire, the group decided to shoot the following short for Funny Or Die where they secretly huddle with management to figure out how they can improve their appeal to the Motor City, including tapping into the spirit of famous Detroit natives like Alice Cooper, Tom Selleck and Robocop. Say what you want about these guys, but Nickelback score points for making fun of themselves and the lack of love coming their way.

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  1. Craig - Design That Rocks

    I’ll be the first to admit…I am NOT a Nickleback fan….and I’m a HUGE Lions fan…born in Michigan and all that…but this controversy is insane. An online petition…THAT’S what people in Detroit have time to be worrying about?! Seriously.

    Kudos to the band for taking it with humor and class…I may not be a fan, but this brings me a little bit closer. And Detroit fans need to relax and focus on more important matters imho.


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