Digital Playlist: Michael Anthony

Who: Michael Anthony, bassist for Chickenfoot.
What: The top songs rocking his iPod.
Where: Chillin’ in California.
Latest Release: Chickenfoot III.

Michael Anthony:
From country to neo-classical.
(Photo credit: Jon Hill.)

1. KENNY CHESNEY “Beer In Mexico” — “When we were in Cabo, Kenny Chesney came down and jammed with us [including this song]. Now all of a sudden I’m listening to Kenny Chesney. I had a great time playing that song. I like some country, like some of the real old country. The new country is basically like pop music, even though they’re still wearing the hats and boots and whatever. But it is different and I like it because, and here’s why I like Kenny Chesney stuff, he mixes the old with the new as far as the feel of the music.”

2. ALTER BRIDGE “Brand New Start” — “A good buddy of mine is Mark Tremonti, who plays in Creed and Alter Bridge, so I’ve been listening to a lot of Alter Bridge. Myles Kennedy is actually one of my favorite singers right now. I love that guy’s voice, man. That guy can sing anything. The first time I saw him he was in that Mark Wahlberg movie Rock Star. One of my favorites off of Blackbird is ‘Brand New Start’. Good stuff.”

3. APOCALYPTICA “I Don’t Care” and “I’m Not Jesus” — “Another band I really get into a lot is Apocalyptica. My 26 year-old daughter and her boyfriend are into Disturbed, Slipknot, Rob Zombie and all that kind of stuff, and they actually turned me on to Apocalyptica. I had never heard about them, and they told me they were all strings and no guitars. I started listening to their Worlds Collide CD. ‘I Don’t Care’ is one of my favorites, and it has Adam Gontier from Three Days Grace on it. I also like the one that Corey Taylor sings with them, ‘I’m Not Jesus’. What’s great about that band is that they get these different guest singers like Gavin Rossdale. I dig their sound because it’s different, combining Bach and the real classical stuff with hard rock singing.”

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