Music Premiere: Bëehler’s “Messages To The Dead”

Bëehler are loud as hell and ready to wake the dead.
From left: bassist Brian Stephenson, guitarist Scott Walsh,
drummer/screamer Dan Beehler and guitarist Sean Brophy.
(Photo courtesy of the band.)

During the initial thrash and speed metal boom of the Eighties, Ottawa power trio Exciter were one of the most high-powered and aggressive metal units out there. Combining John Ricci’s adrenalized guitars with Allan Johnson’s booming bass and Dan Beehler’s hyperactive drumming and intense screaming, the Canadian headbangers unleashed the metal manifestos Heavy Metal Maniac, Violence & Force and Long Live The Loud with the original line-up, then continued on for three more studio albums in different permutations into the early Nineties. Johnson departed in 1988, and Beehler left by 1993, thus original axeman John Ricci, who returned in 1992, has kept the group going ever since with other musicians, releasing five studio albums since 1997.

While he reportedly vowed never to play again after Exciter, Dan Beehler has returned to active duty with the sonically punishing quartet Bëehler and their powerful debut album Messages To The Dead, which comes out in Europe on Monday, December 5th through German label High Roller and distributor Soul Food. A North American deal is pending. The release is just as manic as early Exciter; how Beehler can scream and thrash away on drums thirty years later remains a mystery to me.

Here is the title track from the new Bëehler album. Hear the proof for yourself.

Bëehler – Messages To The Dead

A podcast with Dan Beehler is in the works and coming to A.D.D. very soon.

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