Digital Playlist: Jasmin St. Claire

Who: Jasmin St. Claire, Stay Heavy TV VJ, Roadie Crew Magazine contributor and Yahoo writer and model.
What: The top five songs rocking her iPod.
Where: Norway.
Latest Project: Managing Brazilian metal band Shadowside.

Jasmin St. Claire: Sporting the official colors
from the land of black metal.
(Photo credit: Lars Ervik.)

1. ACCEPT “Monsterman” — “Russian Roulette is one of my all-time favorite albums. I liked the cover a lot when it first came out; it was one of the things that made me buy the album. Great variety of songs. ‘Monsterman’ has some great guitar work and is one of the more catchy tunes on that album.”

2. KING DIAMOND “Dressed In White” — “It is the King — enough said! Fatal Portrait was one of my first albums, and I have always liked this song since I enjoy the melodic guitars and the King’s voice. This is one of those albums that will always go down as most memorable for me since it is one of the first albums I ever owned and turned me onto King Diamond.”

3. ARCH ENEMY “Enemy Within” — “I can never get enough Arch Enemy! The Aamot brothers have amazing guitar work! I love the creepy piano in the beginning of the song and then how the drums and heavy guitars kick in. Then all of a sudden Angela’s voice just gets there in your face. I love the aggression and rage in her voice! The guitars throughout this song make it one of my more favorite tunes.”

4. LAMB OF GOD “11th Hour” — “This tune is slow but heavy, and I really like how it progresses into a faster mode. Randy’s voice is something I can never get sick of either. This is one of the first Lamb of God songs that really made me go out and buy more. Again, the guitars sound great! The song is just well-written all around and tight, even when they perform it live.”

5. SHADOWSIDE “Inner Monster Out” — “Before I started managing Shadowside, I was a fan, but when they were recording this song in the studio, I began to fall in love with it. It was just a nice day all around, and being there while such a great song was being made makes it personal whenever I listen to it. I love Dani’s vocals and also the all around sound and melodies in the song. The guest vocals add a real nice touch, and because this was something I was part of in some capacity, I grew attached to it even before it was mastered. I love the finished product and that it is a great commercial radio song. ‘Inner Monster Out’ caters to my heavy taste and my commercial liking as well.”

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