Inside The 2011 Roadrunner Records Holiday Party

Heavy revelers (L to R): Christa Titus (Billboard), Jen Meola (Rock This),
Rey Roldan and Talia Miller (Another Reybee Production).
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

The coolest music industry party in NYC at yule time is always the annual Roadrunner Records bash. It’s packed to the gills with rock and metal peeps who want to let loose during the hectic holiday season, downing a wide selection of booze while being fed a great music playlist you won’t hear at your local bar. Simply put, it’s a blast (and as crammed as a mosh pit but without the slamming).

This year was no different. I got even more caught up in the festivities than the last year, so I was less trigger happy with the camera. But the following photos will give you a good idea of what went down. The carousing continued after the nearly five-hour party, with some people going off to Idle Hands on Avenue B and others to the Hog Pit on W. 26th Street. Good times.

Metal holiday mayhem. Can you spot Munsey Ricci?
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Cheerful congregation (L to R): Antoinette Calderon (Nielsen Soundscan),
Alex Vitoulis (Billboard) and Tracy Thomas,
with whom I chatted about old school Goth.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Merry rockers (L to R): Amanda Cagan (ABC PR), Rebecca Terán (MTV Networks)
and Emmy Burns (manager of Daniel Lioneye).
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Yuletide traffic jam. The chocolate chip cookies
and White Russian shots went fast at night.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Palling around: Leo Lavoro (Monolith PR) and Jamie Roberts (Opflex Solutions).
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Festive friends (L to R): Larry Nardi (WEA), Gail Worley (journalist)
and Marc Schapiro (Branch Marketing Collective).
Journalist Phil Freeman chats in the background.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Rock the halls.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

Jingle balls.
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

The calm before (and after) the storm. Happy Holidaze!
(Photo ©2011 by Bryan Reesman.)

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