Digital Playlist: As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis

Who: Tim Lambesis, frontman for As I Lay Dying and brainchild behind Austrian Death Machine.
What: The top five songs rocking his iPod.
Where: Touring across America.
Latest Project: As I Lay Dying Decas.

Fightin' words: "What?!?!?
You don't like Tom Petty???"
(Photo credit: Stephanie Cabral.)

1. IN FLAMES Sounds Of A Playground Fading — “One of the bands I really enjoy is In Flames, and their latest record got a lot of criticism for not being the pinnacle of their career. But while some of the reviews weren’t amazing, I actually really enjoyed the album a lot and have been listening to it.”

2. DECAPITATED Carnival Is Forever — “Again, it may not be the absolute height of their career, but I think it’s a great record. It’s funny, a lot of heavier bands have that quirky old recording where it sounds kind of funny, and because of that there is something that creates a magic about it to their initial fan base of listeners. Then when they put out a modern, technically better recording, there is not that emotional connection for some of their fans for whatever reason. To me, on a recorded level, the new Decapitated is better than their old stuff, but I would agree that with every band’s new record there is always a bit of nostalgia lost once they’ve released what people consider [to be] legendary records.”

3. TOM PETTY Wildflowers — “If you were to check the most often played music on my iPod, Tom Petty would almost always be on there. As far as nostalgia, his Wildflowers album came out when I was 13 years old. My first concert ever was on that album cycle, so it is a nostalgic album for me. This sounds disrespectful, but what I like about him is that he’s not a good singer, not a great guitar player, not very handsome, but he just writes good songs. So it just cuts out all the BS and puts songwriting first.”

4. ISIS In The Absence Of Truth — “Last night on the bus we were listening to Isis. Sometimes that vibey, droney, sludgy sound is cool on these long road trips. It presents background music that’s kind of dark and still makes us feel like metalheads. It’s a sensitive moment, I guess. ”

5. LMFAO “Party Rock Anthem” — “For shameful guilty pleasures, backstage the other day we were listening to LMFAO and that song ‘Party Rock Anthem’. It’s the one in the [car] commercial with the dancing hamsters. On this tour, it started out just being goofy [listening to that song]; when the shows over we would play it. There’s such an extreme metal audience on this tour that it is a break from the norm, and the next thing you know I heard that song about 40 times in the last week. If there was a way to be a proponent of guilty pleasures, then I would try to encourage our fans to listen to more nonmetal, as long as they still remained metal fans. Otherwise 10 years down the line I wouldn’t have a job.”

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