Top Posts Of The Month: 2011

Here is a breakdown of the top A.D.D. posts for each month in 2011. You can see what trended each month and throughout the year!


1. GWAR Bar: Oderus Urungus Defiles Happy Hour

2. Vinyl Playlist: Austin Winkler

3. Tiffany Vs. Debbie Gibson: The ’80s Catfight You’ve Awaited

4. Four Hilarious Tweeters You Should Be Following

5. Digital Playlist: Stephen Christian


1. Quick Thoughts On The 2011 Grammy Awards

2. Adrian Paul: The Eyeborgs Have It

3. Inside Toy Fair 2011, Parts One and Two

4. Shriekin’ Idols

5. Gary Moore: Spellbound By The Blues

MARCH 2011

1. Scott Ian Summons The Demon

2. Music Premiere: Vicious Rumors’ “Pearl Of Wisdom”

3. “Prometheus Bound” Rocks Boston

4. Inside The 2011 Syfy Channel Upfront

5. The Funny Sad Adventures Of Misery Bear

6. Digital Playlist: David Coverdale

7. James Franco Discusses His Cinematic Self-Amputation

8. Meaghan Rath Discusses Vampires, Ghostly Stunts and Spider-Man

9. Scare Fare: Rodrigo Gudiño

10. Eric Roberts Talks “Jesse,” Animal Rescue and Underrated Roles

APRIL 2011

1. Wes Craven Reflects On The State Of Horror

2. The Walking Dead Shambled Over My Mail”

3. Claudio Sanchez Talks Subway Seriez, Kill Audio II and Possible Amory Wars Spin-Offs

4. I Lost My Heart To A Redheaded Stormtrooper

5. Children’s Corner At The Overlook Hotel

6. Eddie McClintock Talks New Warehouse 13 Partner, Favorite Artifact and Embracing His Inner Man-Child

7. K.K. Downing Retires From Judas Priest

8. Barbara Bain Looks Back But Stays Forward Focused

9. Creepy Clip: Killer Mint Gum

10. Bugs and Daffy in 2012?

MAY 2011

1. 30 Seconds To Mars Get Down & Dirty At The Museum Of Sex

2. Gerard Way’s Comic Book Passion

3. Tony Iommi, Ian Gillan and Friends Unite For An Armenian Benefit

4. Will The New “Fright Night” Suck…In A Bad Or Good Way?

5. A.D.D. Podcast #5: Israeli pop star & Blackfield member Aviv Geffen

6. Get Your Goth On: World Goth Day Returns

7. Seven Headbanging Tunes To Celebrate Our Imminent End

8. Twelve More ’80s Hard Rock Anthems You Need To Hear

9. The Truth About Music and Getting Older

10. A.D.D. Podcast #4: Sci-fi author Sven Davison

JUNE 2011

1. First Peek: “Star Wars” On Blu-ray

2. Scott Rockenfield Discusses “Dedicated To Chaos” and Queensrÿche’s 30th Anniversary Tour

3. Malcolm McDowell: Ultraviolent Past, Satanic Future

4. Celebrating My First Cover Story For Inked

5. IDW’s Third “True Blood” Series On The Way

6. Lady Gaga: Denim and Leather Forever

7. “Killer Klowns” To Return In 3D

8. Here The Come The Muppets Again

9. Chicago Unleashes “Electronic Sadism”

10. A.D.D. Podcast #6: Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann

JULY 2011

1. Don’t Piss Off Dave Grohl

2. “Nurse 3D” Teaser Takes The Bloody Low Road

3. A Preview Of Steven Wilson’s “Grace For Drowning”

4. Steven Wilson Provides “Grace For Drowning” On Blu-ray

5. First Peek: “Star Wars” Deleted Scenes

6. Eight Awesome Anthems of Empowerment and Independence

7. Cynthia von Buhler: Life. Death. Repeat.

8. Scare Fare: Drew Daywalt

9. Hugh Jackman Rocks Comic-Con With “Wolverine 2″ News

10. Will “The Evil Dead” Be Coming Back?


1. Neal Schon: The Journey Always Continues

2. David J Seeking To Stage “The Chanteuse and the Devil’s Muse”

3. Dystopian Delirium

4. First Peek: “Man Of Steel”

5. Six Songs To Rock The Storm

6. Fall Of The Remakes

7. Will The Original Black Sabbath Line-Up Ever Return?

8. First Peek: “Ghost Rider: The Spirit Of Vengeance”

9. Digital Playlist: Neal Schon

10. Daniel Radcliffe Faces The Scary “Woman In Black”


1. Digital Playlist: Scott Ian

2. Linde Lindstrom Is Writing A Third Daniel Lioneye Album

3. A.D.D. Podcast #8: Legendary cartoonist Sergio Aragonés

4. Dinner With Doro

5. Plight Of The Modern Artist

6. Marc Maron Discusses The Pitfalls Of Working With Show Cats

7. Tobias Sammet’s Five Golden Rules For Power Metal Glory

8. A Cartoon History Of Social Media That’s Broader Than You Think

9. A “Grimm” Fall For NBC

10. Orianthi Teams Up With Alice Cooper


1. Sammy Hagar: I’ll Manage A Classic GN’R Reunion

2. Deep Inside New York Comic Con 2011: Friday

3. Dinner With Veruca Salt And Friends

4. Inside The “Sanctuary” Meet & Greet In NYC

5. Deep Inside New York Comic Con 2011: Saturday

6. Joe Satriani’s New 3-D Concert Movie To Be Screened Internationally

7. A Polish Liberal’s Campaign Twist? Death Metal.

8. Deep Inside New York Comic Con 2011: Thursday

9. Tom Morello’s Comic Book Roots

10. Music Premiere: Ozric Tentacles’ “Paper Monkeys”


1. Glenn Tipton, Film Composer?

2. Digital Playlist: Rob Halford

3. Happy Muppets Thanksgiving!

4. Chickenfoot Members Talk Occupy Wall Street

5. Nickelback Lampoon Their Own Controversy

6. Black Sabbath Reunite, Plan New Studio Album And World Tour

7. Inside The “Immortals” Premiere Party

8. First Peek: “Brave”

9. “Grimm” Rising

10. A Musical “Sanctuary”


1. Charles Dance Talks “Neverland,” “Underworld: Awakening” and “Game Of Thrones”

2. Battle In The Stars: Carrie Fisher Versus William Shatner

3. Claudio Sanchez and Chondra Echert’s Undead Epic

4. Inside The 2011 Roadrunner Records Holiday Party

5. Digital Playlist: Tim Lambesis

6. Metallica and Mercyful Fate Reunite

7. Digital Playlist: Jasmin St. Claire

8. Would Lewis Black Play A Unitarian Church?

9. Inside the 2011 Syfy “Countdown To Christmas Week” Cocktail Party

10. Colin Ferguson Talks About The Future For Himself And “Eureka”

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