First Peek: Van Halen’s “Tattoo”

So here it is, Van Halen’s first new video with David Lee Roth since the 1984 album. “Tattoo” is an infectious song with those big vocal harmonies that you’d expect from a band that blew up big in the Eighties after already rockin’ the Seventies. The band sounds tight, Eddie’s guitar is snarling and David Lee Roth shows off some new dance moves. (If he can pull off that backwards slide in concert, that would be awesome.) Here’s hoping the rest of the album rocks.

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  1. Hugh B.

    It’s great to have some new Van Halen material with Diamond Dave back in the fold. As far as the slide he performs in the video clip, they filmed Dave running out onto stage and sliding forward, then ran the footage back in reverse to make it look mindbending. They actually did the same thing in the ‘Jump’ video with Roth’s somersault flip. They filmed him doing a backflip, then ran the footage backwards to make it look like he had performed a forward flip, which would be much more difficult. At any rate, it is good to have Van Halen back in action after such a lengthy hiatus. Michael Anthony should have been invited to take part in this reformation, though. Nothing against Wolfie, but Michael’s harmonies are sorely missed!

  2. Ross Muir

    As just about every VH fan will know by now, just about every VH track on the new album is a lift, tweak, re-structured or re-worked song from their pre-debut album demo days.

    Good or Bad? Right or Wrong?

    Inspired idea (driven by Eddie’s son Wolfgang it seems) to capture the classic, original VH seventies sound or a lazy-ass concept to produce a hyped-to-the-max and inevitable Top 5 Billboard album?

    Answer is, of course, it matters not a jot. What matters is the quality of the product and, having heard three tracks from the album (and the 90 second samples of the others), it would seem this new 35-year-old Van Halen have delivered what most fans wanted – seventies VH in the 21st Century.
    Personally, if taking that route, I would have preferred they revisited the non-album songs from the 1976 ‘Zero’ recordings (produced by Gene Simmons)and the Warner Brothers 1977 demos. But in their original, raw form – not re-worked as a few of them have been for this album.

    I honestly believe that would have made A Different Kind of Truth a stronger (and therefore better) album.

    Still, that will probably be the next album, eh boys?


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