Scare Fare: Andrea Ferro

Who: Andrea Ferro, singer for Lacuna Coil.
What: His five favorite horror movies.
Where: Milan, Italy.
Latest Project: Lacuna Coil’s Dark Adrenaline.

Andrea Ferro: Aficionado of
crazy Italian and American horror films.
(Photo credit: Katja Kuhl.)

1. DEEP RED aka PROFONDO ROSSO (1975) — “It’s a classic movie from Dario Argento. I think he did a lot of other good ones, but this was his Black album, the one that really broke him through to the mainstream and was really well done. The music by Goblin was perfect. The atmosphere and thrilling moments were perfect. It’s not a classic horror but more of a thriller movie. I love the combination of the music and the atmosphere and the story. It’s pretty cool.”

2. A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984) — “I grew up with the Nightmare saga with Freddy Krueger. I really like the first one — after that they did too many — because it was a classic movie when I was a kid. We had a horror festival in Milan called the Dylan Dog Horror Fest. I went to the festival every year, and they projected the movie for something like 10,000 people. It was great watching the movie in a big arena.”

3. SAW (2004) — “I like the first SAW movie because it was very surprising, especially the ending, which was a total surprise. I think it refreshed thriller/horror movies.”

4. HALLOWEEN (2007) — “I like the remake of Halloween by Rob Zombie. I grew up with [the original] Halloween because it was another classic saga, but it got a different cut from Rob — maybe the fact that it was done now with different effects and was more realistic. I like that. Of course I like the old one too, but he got the right atmosphere for the movie and the right actors. I also like his movie The Devil’s Rejects.”

5. THE HOUSE WITH LAUGHING WINDOWS (1976) — “There’s a film here in Italy called La casa dalle finestre che ridono, which was made by a very famous director, Pupi Avati. He did a lot of movies after this one that were not horror. This was a pretty cool movie. The title comes from the fact that there this is old, abandoned farm place where there are huge smiling lips, like a clown smile, painted on the windows. The story is pretty cool and pretty sick as well. There is a young guy who discovers this painting on the wall of a church, and there’s a crazy story about the saint on the painting and the painter’s suicide, and people come to investigate why. That’s how it starts. It’s a weird story that’s very violent as well.”

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