Megadeth’s Grammy Odds: Tenth Time’s The Charm?

Will Megadeth finally win a Grammy Award this Sunday?
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It could be said that Megadeth are the Susan Lucci of metal Grammy nominees. They are up for the tenth time in 21 years in the Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance category (which is now, inexplicably, a fusion of what used to be the Hard Rock and Metal categories) for the song “Public Enemy No. 1” from their latest album TH1RT3EN. This is also the thrash band’s third consecutive nod in the metal category. When A.D.D. spoke to Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine last week, he was happy and hopeful for victory over this year’s heavy rock nominees, but not exactly sitting on the edge of his seat. He felt consoled when told that Joe Satriani has been nominated for a Grammy Award 15 times and not won once.

“The novelty’s kind of worn off after all these nominations and not winning, and seeing people picked in our category that weren’t really metal bands,” Mustaine admitted, likely referring to Jethro Tull’s infamous win of the first Hard Rock/Metal Grammy in 1988. “It’s kind of weird because I figure if I’m voting for all these people and don’t know who they are, I would vote for a name that is most familiar to me. I’ve seen all the categories, and sometimes they’ve got Bahamian bands and Mexican spoken word stuff… I’m just being funny. I still look forward to one day winning a Grammy. This year would be great. Unfortunately I’m not going to be there because we’re out on tour right now, so it would be just my luck that I win it the one time I’m not there.”

The new Megadeth album:
Lucky number 13 for the Grammy win?

Metal has always thrust a middle finger to the mainstream, so one wonders if a younger Dave Mustaine even contemplated winning a Grammy. “Of course,” he said. “I thought about it when I got the first nomination, and it got kind of disheartening after awhile. I guess I had hoped I would’ve won by now. I don’t have a place cleared off for it that I have been dusting for the past 20 years, but it would be really great. We’ve already been picked by our peers, which is an accomplishment in itself. Now we’ll see if it goes all the way through.”

Maybe the tenth time will be the charm? Mustaine chuckled: “Your math is great.”

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