Twelve Songs For Dark Hearts

Valentine’s Day is allegedly supposed to be about Cupid, chocolates and overpriced roses and dinner dates. And often syrupy love songs. But sometimes a somber or tragic tune is as equally romantic as singing about hugs and hearts in its own dark and cathartic way, especially if you are moving on or going through changes.

Beat strong, my darkened heart.

TORI AMOS “Honey” — Familiarity can breed contentment, and sometimes apathy.

ADAM ANT “Wonderful” — Foolish mistakes and regret are costly.

EMILIE AUTUMN “Rapunzel” — Waiting for love to arrive can be a lonely pursuit.

THE BIRTHDAY MASSACRE “Remember Me” — Change can invoke both hope and fear.

BLACKFIELD “Miss U” — Moving on can be liberating, but not for the one left behind.

HIM “Please Don’t Let It Go” — Love can require strength to stay alive, but sometimes your efforts just fall short. But hope remains.

IKON “Black Roses” — Is it possible to love Death? At some point we must all succumb to her.

JOY DIVISION “Love Will Tear Us Apart” — Sometimes love does not conquer all but expedites its end.

JUDAS PRIEST “Before The Dawn” — Just when you think you’ve found true love, it can slip away.

REAL LIFE “Send Me An Angel” — Love can offer elation, but the quest can lead to frustration.

THE SISTERS OF MERCY “Marian” — Love can be salvation or damnation.

WITHIN TEMPTATION “Forgiven” — Can you blame me for making a valiant attempt to save our love?

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