A.D.D. Podcast #10: Thrash metal icon Dan Beehler

“There are a couple of points during our set where I do black out
and come back to a second later, but for some reason
my body is still doing the drumming and I don’t lose a beat.”

Raise your sticks and scream:
Dan Beehler still loves pounding metal.
(Photo courtesy of the band.)

Canadian thrash titans Exciter were a big part of my metal youth. Fueled by hyperactive drummer/screamer Dan Beehler, the powerhouse trio — which also included bassist Allan Johnson, and guitarist John Ricci, who was later succeeded by axeman Brian McPhee — became an integral part of the burgeoning thrash movement of the mid-1980s. And they were cranked on my stereo often. While they did not reach the popularity level of the Big Four, Exciter gained a lot of respect and an international following back in the day, although various in-fighting and roster changes lead to the classic line-up completely dissipating by 1992. Now 20 years after his final album with Exciter and his subsequent exit from the music business, Dan Beehler is back with his raucous quartet Bëehler and their searing debut album Messages To The Dead. Take one listen to their aggressive new tunes and you’ll know that the man has not mellowed with age.

A.D.D. conducted the following podcast interview with Dan Beehler in which he chatted about the new Bëehler album, his return to the stage, the influence his late brother had on his life and music, blacking out while screaming, his recollections of his highs and lows with Exciter and much more. (Check out A.D.D.’s signed Bëehler CD and vinyl giveaway here.)

A.D.D. Podcast #10: Thrash metal icon Dan Beehler


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Beehler music courtesy of the band and High Roller Records.

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