Digital Playlist: Aaron Tap

Who: Aaron Tap, guitarist for Matt Nathanson.
What: The top five songs rocking his iPod.
Where: On tour across America.
Latest Project: Matt Nathanson Modern Love.

Aaron Tap embraces everything. At least musically. Physically that would be really hard to do.
(Photo credit: Jason Tang.)

1. ADAM AND THE ANTS “Digital Tenderness” — “I’ve always got some Adam Ant on my iPod, and when pressed I’ll choose Dirk Wears White Sox as my favorite long-player. The record is dissonant, lyrically bizarre, and so tightly played you’d think everyone was on, oh, y’know, maybe speed? ‘Digital Tenderness’ somehow manages to combine an angular guitar line, jazzy drums and a guiro and still sound punk rock!”

2. DAVID BOWIE “Stay” — “It’s easy to love Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust-era stuff. Not content to be a one-trick pony, he pulled a 180 in the early 70s and began experimenting with a drabber look and slicker, less guitar-driven sounds. Diamond Dogs was kind of a limp side-step, then Young Americans had a cool sound but not much in the way of songs. It’s the next LP, Station to Station, that really hits hard for me and in the past couple of weeks, ‘Stay’ has been firmly stuck in my head and on my iPod. The intro riff is satisfying to play during soundchecks, and the song itself is weirdly funky and aggressive. Love it.”

3. THROWING MUSES “Same Sun” — “Throwing Muses have been one of my favorite bands for years. Kristin Hersh writes from a totally unique perspective so while it’s not always comprehensible it’s almost always evocative. I’m so thrilled that they’re putting the finishing touches on a new album after something like a decade. This b-side from the Real Ramona album has always been one of my favorites.”

4. AC/DC “Jailbreak” (live in Tasmania, 1977) — “I just finished reading Maximum Rock & Roll: The Ultimate Story of the World’s Greatest Rock-and-Roll Band and throughout I got kinda obsessed with listening to live AC/DC. In addition to official live releases, I found shows from just about every stage of their career — up to Fly On the Wall, the last AC/DC tour I saw live — but this show in Tasmania from their Giant Dose of Rock and Roll tour really fucking shone. There’s a lot of talk in the book about how loud the band was, but this boot is the most compelling example I found. Took me ’til about halfway through the set — and on this song — before I realized I could hardly hear the drums. Malcolm and Angus ROCKED. THAT. HARD.”

5. THEOPHILUS LONDON “I Stand Alone” — “Timez Are Weird These Days was possibly my favorite record of 2010. First new album in a long time that had me seriously excited on the first listen. London is pulling a lot of disparate elements together in a very cool whole. Catchy shit, too.”

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