The Top A.D.D. Posts For February 2012

This month at A.D.D. seemed, well, A.D.D. No overwhelming trends this time, but a bunch of fun stories.

Here are the Top 10 New Posts and Top 5 Past Posts for February 2012. Feel free to dive into the stories you missed!


1. James LaBrie Discusses Solo Songwriting

2. Digital Playlist: Tim McIlrath

3. Inside Toy Fair 2012, Part 2

4. Inside Toy Fair 2012, Part 1

5. Twelve Songs For Dark Hearts

6. Kermit and Miss Piggy Discuss Their “Dangerous Liberal Agenda”

7. Megadeth’s Grammy Odds: Tenth Time’s The Charm?

8. Digital Playlist: Aaron Tap

9. May The Trivia Be With You

10. A.D.D. Podcast #10: Thrash metal icon Dan Beehler


1. Don’t Piss Off Dave Grohl

2. Emilie Autumn’s Personal Asylum, Parts One and Two

3. Travelers Beware: London’s Appalling Currency Exchange

4. Dark Illusions

5. Blackie Lawless Renounces His Past Sins

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