A.D.D. Podcast #11: The Inimitable Emilie Autumn

“My goal is to take back those insulting and hurtful words and phrases and make them something pretty awesome, badass and a source of strength and power.”

Emilie Autumn getting ready to
show you how to fight like a girl.
(Photo courtesy of The End Records.)

Violinist, vocalist and composer Emilie Autumn is a modern original — from her self-described Victoriandustrial blend of musical influences to her “psychotic vaudeville burlesque” concerts to her open discussion of living with bipolar disorder — and her legion of loyal fans continues to grow. Since 2000, the former Courtney Love violinist has transitioned from classical recordings into her own special style of genre-blending songwriting that tackles powerful issues like emotional and physical abuse, self-empowerment and taking revenge. Women and men alike have embraced her cathartic art, which also includes poetry and her autobiographical novel The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls.

A.D.D. caught up with Emilie during her recent U.S. tour and chatted about her forthcoming album Fight Like A Girl, her onstage cohorts The Bloody Crumpets, her developing Broadway musical, young female fanbase and much more. During our chat I asked if she had ever thought about recording a Dr. Seuss book with her music as a backdrop. Evidently not, but it sparked inspiration!

A.D.D. Podcast #11: The Inimitable Emilie Autumn


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Emilie Autumn music courtesy of Emilie and The End Records.

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