Bëehler, “Warehouse 13” and “The Dead” Giveaway Winners Announced!

Greetings, A.D.D. peeps!

We recently offered three cool giveaways and are announcing the winners collectively in this post.

SIGNED BEEHLER VINYL AND CD GIVEAWAY — Courtesy of the band Bëehler, Pamela Hansen from Ohio and Mary Bilodeau from Massachusetts won signed CD copies and Justin Young from Ontario won a signed vinyl copy of Bëehler’s Messages To The Dead.

“WAREHOUSE 13” GIRLS TEE GIVEAWAY — Courtesy of Syfy, Emily D. from Indiana has won a Warehouse 13 t-shirt.

“THE DEAD” BLU-RAY AND DVD GIVEAWAY — Courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment, Darla Kidder from California and Linda Peters from New Brunswick both won DVD copies and Anita Easterling from North Carolina won a Blu-ray copy of The Dead.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

More giveaways are coming!

Thank you for reading Attention Deficit Delirium!

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