Greetings, A.D.D. peeps!

We recently offered three cool giveaways and are announcing the winners collectively in this post.

SIGNED BEEHLER VINYL AND CD GIVEAWAY — Courtesy of the band Bëehler, Pamela Hansen from Ohio and Mary Bilodeau from Massachusetts won signed CD copies and Justin Young from Ontario won a signed vinyl copy of Bëehler’s Messages To The Dead.

“WAREHOUSE 13” GIRLS TEE GIVEAWAY — Courtesy of Syfy, Emily D. from Indiana has won a Warehouse 13 t-shirt.

“THE DEAD” BLU-RAY AND DVD GIVEAWAY — Courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment, Darla Kidder from California and Linda Peters from New Brunswick both won DVD copies and Anita Easterling from North Carolina won a Blu-ray copy of The Dead.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

More giveaways are coming!

Thank you for reading Attention Deficit Delirium!

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