Nightwish’s Energy Boost

Nightwish team up with Battery Energy Drink
as they both celebrate their fifteen anniversary.
(Image from the Battery Energy Drink website.)

If you need a boost before going to your next Nightwish concert, you can always snag one of their new Battery Energy Drinks. The Finnish symphonic metal titans recently endorsed the product, with the group’s animator and artist Janne Pitkänen and their keyboardist/lead composer Tuomas Holopainen designing a special limited edition can, which arrives in Finnish stores on March 19th and will be available at select Nightwish concerts.

“Finnish metal music is international and speaks to the masses,” says Battery Energy Drink‘s domestic brand manager Antti Airaksinen. “Heavy, powerful and energetic music such as Nightwish’s is a perfect fit for Battery Energy Drink. Nightwish is Finland’s most successful and international metal band, just like Battery Energy Drink in its own field. Furthermore, Nightwish’s mystical graphic look works very well on the Battery design can.”

“A co-operation with another Finnish pioneer always feels good,” says Tuomas Holopainen. “Nightwish and Battery Energy Drink are the same age, international and pioneers in our respective fields.”

Both Nightwish and Battery Energy Drink are celebrating their fifteenth anniversary in 2012. The group, reportedly Finland’s biggest rock export, recently released their new single, the five-track “The Crow, The Owl And The Dove,” which includes the previously unreleased song “The Heart Asks Pleasure First,” the theme from the film The Piano.

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