Oderus Urungus Takes On Dave Mustaine

Megadeth has been getting a lot of publicity lately, but not for their music. Frontman Dave Mustaine has been surprising many with his very right-wing rhetoric in recent weeks, some of which is a shocking about face coming from the man responsible for songs like “Peace Sells…But Who’s Buying?” and “Foreclosure Of A Dream”. It has been years since the thrash icon became a born again Christian while overcoming his past addictions, so in some ways that shift is not unexpected. I have spoken with Mustaine at least a half dozen times since 1999, and I have found him to be a congenial, forthright and intelligent interviewee. But when he’s spouting off against gay marriage simply because he is a Christian, promoting the ludicrous “birther” agenda, telling impoverished African women to shut their legs and praising a “classy” GOP nutjob like Rick Santorum, you have to wonder.

When I last chatted with Mustaine in February, he said that he wanted President Obama out of the White House but offered no replacement. And when we delved into our modern political quagmire, he admitted that our current economic problems stretch back to when the first President Bush was in office. Even when he was more liberal, Mustaine questioned things. (Remember when he covered the Democratic National Convention for MTV in 1992?) But now he seems to be regurgitating Fox News ideology.

At any rate, I have no problems with rockers sounding off on politics — I rather enjoy it — but I also know that when you make your views known they will be up for debate, especially when they are inflammatory. Such is the case with the following video clip from an interview with GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus, a man not known for being subtle either. This does not really add much to the political discourse — indeed some of it is equally offensive — but it is funny and temporarily therapeutic. It would be nice at some point to see a leftist rocker take on Mustaine in a thoughtful political debate. That would really be interesting.

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