Digital Playlist: Accept’s Mark Tornillo

Who: Mark Tornillo, frontman for Accept.
What: The top five albums rocking his iPod.
Where: New Jersey.
Latest Project: Accept Stalingrad.

Mark Tornillo: Kickin' it new old school.
(Photo credit: Mark Tucker.)

1. Chickenfoot III — I just love Sammy [Hagar] period. I always did. Since Montrose I’ve been a believer. That was one of my big bands in the ’70s. There are some great songs on there and they’re all great players. It’s a killer band. They don’t care — they’re doing what they want to do and don’t give a shit what anybody thinks about it. I like that.

2. AC/DC Black Ice — “It sounds like their old stuff, that’s what I like about it. They never change. It’s good rock ‘n roll. It’s fun, it’s a party, it’s got a beat. You put it on it, and it gives you that mood.”

3. Halford IV: Made Of Metal — “I like the title track a lot. I like the whole thing and like Rob in general. We did some shows with Judas Priest last year. He’s just a really great guy — very humble and a really nice guy.”

4. Black Country Communion 2 — “Glenn Hughes still sings like he always did, man. He’s just amazing. I like all the songs.”

5. Van Halen A Different Kind Of Truth — “It’s a killer record. When I first heard the first single [‘Tattoo’], I thought, ‘This is going to suck.’ That’s the worst song on the record! The rest of the album kills. It really reminds me of the ’70s stuff quite a bit. ‘Chinatown’ is a killer song. It’s heavy as hell, and Eddie plays his ass off. I know bunch of people who have gone to the shows, and they say he’s blowing people down. His playing is incredible.”

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