Watch 130 “Simpsons” Episodes At Once

I am not exactly sure why, but Romain Vuillemot (@romsson on Twitter) recently tried an unorthodox video editing experiment. As he stated on YouTube, it was “just a quick hack to experiment what happens if you watch a lot of The Simpsons episodes at the same time. It just took 10 lines of code and a few hours of processing.”

The video you see below is comprised of 10 rows and 13 columns. From top to bottom, each row represents a Simpsons season from 1 to 10, and from left to right each column represents an episode from 1 to 13 of each corresponding season. A total of 130 episodes are displayed.

This trippy montage is almost three and a half minutes long and will probably make your peepers pop out fast. Seriously, I don’t ever want my brain hardwired. Imagine just trying to absorb too much information like this just because you could? Scary. Consider yourself forewarned with this clip!

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  1. ForTheLoveofHIM

    I have been on such overload for the past few months, that my brain just ate this up. I thoroughly enjoyed it. All 3:20 of it.

    I wished it has sound. That would have been intense. 😛


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