Puppets Behaving Badly

Puppet mayhem unleashed onstage during Stuffed & Unstrung.

I like puppets that misbehave. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Muppets and enjoyed their recent cinematic capers. But after seeing Avenue Q three times, I have also come to enjoy puppets that just do bad things, which is why I am intrigued by the prospect of seeing Stuffed & Unstrung.

As described in a recent press release, Stuffed & Unstrung, which stars the Miskreant Puppets, “is a live uncensored show that lets loose the perilous and provocative elements of comedic improvisation on stage with a bunch of puppets.” To further elaborate, the puppet action onstage is dictated by directions from the audience, which means every show will be quite different, including the improvised songs. Now that sounds like merry mayhem. The show was created by award-winning director, producer and writer Brian Henson and actor and “improvisational guru” Patrick Bristow, with the puppeteers coming from the acclaimed Jim Henson Company.

Human-puppet harmony.
And maybe some fun disharmony.
(Photo credit: Carol Rosegg.)

Like Avenue Q, humans and puppets share the stage in this show, so you can see how exactly the puppeteers work their magic, and large video projection screens will allow everyone to witness the action from more than one angle.

How crazy do things get onstage? According to the Los Angeles Times: “You cannot imagine the mayhem that erupts when an uninhibited house takes its cues from the gifted lunatics onstage. As uproariously uncensored an adult entertainment as you could hope for without lap dancers!”

Stuffed & Unstrung is currently on a northeastern U.S. tour that is making the following stops:

April 13
Princeton, NJ
McCarter Theatre Center

April 15
New York City, NY
Highline Ballroom (two shows)

April 17
Glenside, PA
Keswick Theatre

April 18
Washington, DC
The Howard Theatre

April 20
Durham, NC
The Carolina Theatre

More dates will be coming soon.

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