Colin Ferguson’s Favorite “Eureka” Inventions

Now this is speed! (Not FDA approved.)
(Image courtesy of Syfy.)

The fifth and final season of Eureka premieres tonight on Syfy at 9 PM EST. It’s been a fun, wild ride for star Colin Ferguson. To commemorate the five years of service that his character Sheriff Jack Carter gave to his wacky town of scientists and inventors, A.D.D. asked Ferguson what his five favorite inventions from the series were. His fun answers were delivered with the actor’s trademark wit.

From the pharmaceutical division, I would say the drug from [the episode] ‘Blink’ in the first season, which made people run really fast,” began Ferguson. “It was like steroids for science.”

From the Toys ‘R’ Us division, I would say the hoverboard because that’s awesome,” he continued. “It very much reminds me of Back To The Future. Maybe it’s a little Michael J. Fox fantasy that you get going on when you see that. We only ever used it as background. We only used it in the pilot and one other scene where somebody was on one in the background, then never used it again.”

Can you spot the hoverboard?
(Image courtesy of Syfy.)

From the automotive division, in one of the episodes I directed we had Niall [Matter] be on this sky cruiser, sort of a snowmobile of the sky because we couldn’t afford to redesign something. So we used a snowmobile. You make do with what you’ve got. It actually was really cool. It was sort of a sky motorcycle, which would be really awesome.”

Concept wise, it’s teleportation. Who doesn’t [like that]?”

For your commuting
pleasure, an FTL Drive.
(Image courtesy of Syfy.)

Then the FTL Drive, the Faster Than Light drive. It’s sort of brilliant. Initially I thought it was a joke because they called it the FTL Drive. I asked what it stood for, and they said, ‘Faster than light.’ And I was like, ‘Really? That’s the best we could do?’ They said, ‘No, that’s what it’s really called! It’s really called an FTL Drive.’ My favorite part about it would be the places you could visit so quickly. To bang out to Mars and back would be amazing. I’ve only been to 40 countries, so to get Mars on my list would be amazing.”

It looks like the theme for Ferguson’s five picks is simply getting around: “For terrestrial travel, I would say the first three, and for extra terrestrial travel, I would say teleportation and the Faster Than Light drive.”

To learn more about the craziness that Eureka has in store this season, check out our previous interview with Colin Ferguson.

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